Have a lot to say about but just aren’t sure how to say it?  Let Write About Now help you find just the right words to capture that special person or event.  These are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries and births.  

Sample Toast

Thank you family and friends for being here tonight,

We welcome you all with so much delight,

The venue we’ve chosen is quite special too,

It’s here that Stephanie and I exchanged our “I do’s!,”

Please allow me a moment to reminisce so rare,

A few thoughts about my daughters I’d like to share,

Kids 17 months apart is a daunting task,

But for better daughters we couldn’t have asked,

The first-born is every parent’s litmus test,

Sometimes you succeed, sometimes fail, but you always do your best,

Toddler Sydney was asleep one night and we spotted trouble,

Each time she exhaled, out popped a soapy bubble!

She had swallowed bath water, this for sure we knew,

We just weren’t certain what we should do!

Bemused at Poison Control, they advised us without a doubt,

Not to wash her mouth with water or more bubbles would come out!

Serious Syd as she is known is thoughtful and sanguine,

Observing, processing, evaluating, as she takes it all in,

She has a sweet, easygoing nature; it can’t be beat,

And has a kind-hearted word for everyone she meets,

Adventurous sums up Jessica, if I had to say,

And she has not outgrown it; she’s a risk taker even today,

What were we thinking leaving her in the kitchen alone?

While we moved from room to room doing chores in our home?

Jessie got bored or so it would appear,

When we returned she was swinging like a monkey, from the chandelier!

Funny and gregarious, her personality cannot be reined—

She’s got an awesome sense of delivery and keeps us entertained!

We love traveling with our girls—we’re a party just we four,

Israel, Hawaii and Costa Rica destinations we’ve explored,

In Deer Valley at the press of a button, the girls were thrilled with a treat,

A butler arrived with hot chocolate and warm cookies to eat!

At home their friends are welcome and when the day is done,

The only rule we enforce is that everyone have fun,

Steph helps out with homework and runs mom’s taxi in stride,

And the father of girls happily goes along for the ride ,

They love to shop and hang out, mani/pedis too,

I just roll with it—what’s a dad to do?

My beautiful daughters sometimes give me the “OYs,”

They can be as fearless as any teenage boys,

New things do not scare them; no limit to what they’ll do,

Piano, flute, drums, soccer and flag football just to name a few!

They dive in headfirst and give it their all,

Passionately, bravely and unafraid to fall,

Sydney and Jessica we love you both with all of our hearts,

This milestone in your life is really just the start,

We’re proud of who you are and hope that you know,

What a wonderful journey it’s been watching you grow,

For all the things we’ve done and special times we have had,

The best is surely yet to come—with love, Mom and Dad.

Sample Birthday Poem

On the occasion of your big birthday,

We have some things we’d like to say,

A few footnotes we need to make clear,

You are so special to each of us here,

As a friend, a teacher, a fellow mah jongg player,

You’re a jewel in our crown, so sweet and fair,

Your love of cats is well renowned,

In your house a bunch can always be found,

Need a meal? Everyone knows where to go,

Through cooking and baking your love you show,

Desserts are a specialty—you create sweet treats,

Because they’re your favorite things to eat!

The love of your life is a raven-haired boy,

His success and growth have brought you much joy,

You’re a teacher, a mentor and a principal,

All too well rounded, your days are quite full,

But you always have time for a friend in need,

Making you one of a unique breed,

Ready to lend a hand, a shoulder or an ear,

Your friends are your family and you hold them dear,

It’s a pleasure to be here to celebrate,

And let you know how high you rate,

In the hearts and minds of each of us,

So we just had to make a fuss,

A Rose by any other name could not compare,

To the Judith we love, quirky and rare,

Please raise a cup and let us toast,

The good health of our friend who we love the most!!


Sample Tribute Toast

Now we’re at the end of another year,

It seems like the time just disappears,

Time to honor a woman we all adore,

Ivy’s the one our poem is for!

Always on the move, some might call her frenetic,

I suspect she’d prefer the term “energetic ,”

Country to country or state to state,

Ivy travels a lot, there is no debate,

And when things get crazy in the day to day,

“Don’t tell Marvin!” she can be heard to say,

She’s learned to like cooking, some of us feel,

Because Marvin is accustomed to a nightly home-cooked meal,

For this she finds time, but goodness knows when,

Since we heard she’s back on Facebook again!

Ivy loves to shop, but time is tight,

Thank G-d for online shopping in the middle of the night!

With pride and love for Israel her heart does swell,

Jewish history and genealogy intrigue her as well,

If you checked her purse, it’s a fact,

You’ll always find a wide variety of good, healthy snacks,

And wherever she goes, the Kindle does too,

Cuz reading is something Ivy really loves to do!

When it comes to her Blackberry, she’s hardly conflicted,

She’ll openly admit, she’s totally addicted,

She’s living in her dream house and managing her three,

They keep her very busy as anyone can see,

Moving Rian in and out of college, then in the blink of an eye,

It’s Max’s turn to go…time does fly,

Planning Naomi’s bat mitzvah, the next big celebration,

But there’s always time for her beloved Federation,

Under her leadership, we have grown,

Always striving for better, never leaving well enough alone,

Amazing, dedicated, confident and strong,

We’re your second home, Ivy; you’re right where you belong,

And we are grateful for all that you do,

But mostly for the pleasure of working with you,

Forgive us please for making a fuss,

We love you!—with hugs and kisses from all of us!