Let us organize all your details about beloved friends and family and customize 13 rhyming poems for your bar/bat mitzvah aged child to deliver.  Please fill out a worksheet including the names of honorees and candle numbers.

Sample Candlelighting Ceremony

Welcome everyone—I’m so glad you’re here,

To celebrate my bar mitzvah from far and near,

So many I want to honor on my big day,

Please listen up-I’ve got a lot to say!


Candle #1 – Memory Candle

It’s never easy to lose people you love,

But we know they are kvelling and watching from above,

Poppy Poppy and Florence a truly special pair,

She was beautiful with silver hair, 

Great grandmas Esther and Rhoda are looking down too,

They are beaming with pride as grandmas will do,

I’m thinking of all of them as I light,

Candle number one tonight.


Candle #2-Grandma and Grandpa

When I visit Rockland County, from which they do hail,

Rockland Bakery’s a destination without fail,

They’re kind and caring and love hearing too,

About all of the many things I do,

They take me to Gameworks whenever they’re here,

And they’ve collected cool stuff over the years,

With her bright red hair and his “special Trump ‘do,”

Please welcome Grandma and Grandpa, to light candle #2.


Candle #3 – Nana and Poppy

Married 53 years, an inspiration to us all,

My Nana and Poppy are the ones I call,

When I need a ride to rugby or Hebrew school, 

Or the inside track on the betting pool!

On any given Sunday we are always in the mood,

For them to plan out our dinner—cuz it’s all about the food!

I love lunches with Poppy-just spending time with him,

Nana plays mahjonggand goes to the gym,

On Tuesdays she gets her discount shopping done,

All the while, like the mayor, she chats with everyone,

Without them I don’t know where I would be,

Nana and Poppy, please light candle #3.


Candle #4 – Aunt Randi and Uncle Billy, Brian and Morgan

My family from Lake Grove is so fun and cool,

Rabid Yankees fans, they like entertaining by their pool,

Without Aunt Randi and Uncle Billy, Stop and Shop would be lost,

Morgan wants to go to Plattsburgh-we’ve got our fingers crossed!

Brian’s a junior at Binghamton and sadly couldn’t get away,

But I’m thrilled to have the rest of them here for my big day.

So for all these reasons and a million more,

I’d like Aunt Randi, Uncle Billy and Morgan to light candle #4.


Candle #5 – Aunt Micol, Uncle David, Ava and Ainsley

Birthdays and holidays we love to spend together,

Aunt Micol, Uncle David and their “A” team forever,

A hospital administrator and police seargent, there’s not much time for play,

But they love Orange Theory when they can break away,

I want to call them up-the time has arrived,

Aunt Micol, Uncle David, Ava and Ainsley please help me light candle #5.


Candle #6 – Uncle Barry

Single with no kids, Uncle Barry’s living pretty,

In his bachelor pad in New York City,

While he travels a lot---my kind of guy,

It’s a well-known fact that he doesn’t like to fly,

At Dave and Buster’s he and I get our kicks,

Uncle Barry please come light candle #6.


Candle # 7 – The Blums

Simchas are so special when,

We get to see Uncle Marty, Aunt Ivy, Alex, Evan and Ben!

It’s especially nice for my cousins to be,

Here to celebrate my bar mitzvah with me,

They made the shlep from Westchester which I appreciate,

If they’d light candle #7 it would be just great!


Candle #8 – Hirsch Family

This next group spends a lot of time with me,

It’s my great friend Michael and his awesome family,

Tammy’s like my second mom, there’s no doubt it’s true,

And Carlos is so much fun—our crazy Brazilian Jew,

Victoria’s English skills rock, mom’s happy to report,

And as for rugby? Michael and I are obsessed with the sport!

Are they a wonderful group?  I’m sure we’d all agree,

I’d like the whole Hirsch clan to light candle #8 with me.


Candle #9 – Silver Trail Middle School Friends

Friends, friends, friends we will always be,

My friends from Silver Trail and Hawks Bluff mean the world to me,

We text constantly, play sports, and just hang out,

I know with them around I will never worry about,

Moving onto high school, we’re gonna be fine,

I’d like all my friends to crowd around and light candle #9.


Candle #10 – Falyn

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world,

Happens to be an exceptional girl,

She’s the sweetest freshman at FSU,

Falyn of course, I’m talking about you!

From the time I was a baby, she’s watched over me with care,

Helps me pick out my clothes, she’s a stylist extraordinaire!,

My day is not complete if we don’t have a facetime session,

I miss her a lot and I hope I’ve given the impression,

That she’s a fantastic sister and I love her a ton,

Come light candle #10 Falyn and let’s get it done!


Candle #11 – Andrew

My loudest cheerleader is really none other,

Than Andrew, my super smart, cool older brother,

Graduating in May with a master’s degree,

I can’t even tell you how many times he,

Watched rugby, basketball and baseball cheering my name,

Stayed up into the night playing video games,

Helped me with homework and drove me around,

And if I was scared, by my side he’d be found,

He’s the best older brother and I’d be in heaven,

If Andrew would light candle #11.


Candle #12 – Mom and Dad

My parents are the greatest, so I will take my time,

As I tell you about them in this little rhyme,

A two-year cancer survivor, my mom is a rock star,

She likes shopping, working out and schlepping me all over in her car,

She’s a fabulous 4th grade teacher, quite well loved so I hear,

She’s been teaching at the same school for 26 years!

She’s also a great baker and I don’t have to beg,

She’s happy to make noodle pudding and let me crack the eggs,

She can be kind of strict when my behavior is bad,

Those are the times I head to my dad!

A little more lenient, my dad’s an engineer,

If I need a swimming or cooking partner, he’s always here,

He drives me to practices and to games rain or shine,

Hanging out with him is the best—I’m so glad he’s mine!

Mom and Dad I hope you know you mean the world to me,

This night is perfect and there’s no place I would rather be,

I love you both so much and I hope you will try,

To come and light candle #12 before you start to cry!!